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Queen´s baton 2006 in Avarua / Rarotonga / Cook Islands Hon. Prime Minister of the Cook Islands Jim Marurai with his staff - January 2006
Queen Baton Relay Logo for the 18th Commenwealth Games in Melbourne / Australia - on click to photo gallery of countries visited
The Queen´s Baton is a high tech tool with a year 2006 design from Melbourne
The Baton has been designed by a Melbourne based design compagny
180,000 kilometers through 71 nation´s in a year and a day ...
Thousands of people in the Cook Islands lined the roads on 3 islands to welcome the Queen´s Baton on its long way back to Melbourne / Australia where the 18th Commenwealth Games begin 15 March 2006.

The 2006 high tech Baton designed in Melbourne has been welcomed exeptionally here. Starting in Takitumu village on Rarotonga the Baton also visited Manihiki and Aitutaki before coming back to Rarotonga.

As the Baton has a built-in camera and was accompagnied by some professional photographers. We are happy to be able to present you some amazing photos showing Cook Islanders with the Baton ...

Author: Archi / Jan and May 2006

A high Chief of Te Au-O-Tonga Margaret Karika Ariki carries the Queen´s baton 06.
Here she invites a visitor from Switzerland (Evelyne Haller) to touch the baton to
feel the spirt of unity within the commonwealth countrys. photo by Thomas Haller.

The final touch. Prime minister Jim Marurai and his staff send the baton on its way. The
PM said: The Cooks displayed a sense of natural pride and welcomed the opportunity to
embrace the spirit that has touched so many lives. © photo by CookIslandsNews. meitaki

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