Sir Apenera Short. The Queen’s Baton arrives in the Cook Islands, the 68th and third last country to host the baton before it arrives in Australia. Sir Apenera Short, a former Queen's representative is dressed in Teetree leaves, known as 'rauti'. Nooroa Tupa. As the baton travels around Cook Islands' capital, Rarotonga, Nooroa Tupa, a speaker for Ngati Makea Tribe in Teauotonga Village inspects its unique shape and form. The relay continues in the Cook Islands. Dressed in island clothes, a local girl is bemused by the attention created by the baton's visit.
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The Baton has been designed by a Melbourne based design compagny
Tinomana Ruta Ariki, the high chief of Puaikura is carried on a canoe known as a 'Paata' through the streets of Arorangi to her palace. This traditional form of transport is reserved for high ranking officials. Aitutaki. As the relay continues throughout the Cook Islands, the baton is welcomed to the southern island of Aitutaki, where this baby is mesmerized by its glowing lights and unique shape. Aitutaki soccer team. The Aitutaki soccer team parades with the baton as the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Queen's Baton Relay continues in the Cook Islands.
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