Aitutaki. As the relay continues throughout the Cook Islands, the baton is welcomed to the southern island of Aitutaki, where this baby is mesmerized by its glowing lights and unique shape. Uirangi Bishop. On the southern island of Aitutaki. Miss 2005 Dancer of the Year Uirangi Bishop dances on the back of a truck as the baton tours through the local community. David. Dressed in traditional attire, David, 3 is one of the 1800 people on the island who had the honour of holding the revolutionary Queen's Baton.
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The Baton has been designed by a Melbourne based design compagny
Nane and Kapiri. In Rarotonga, capital of the Cook Islands, Nane and Kapiri share responsibility for carrying the Queen's Baton. Eriteana and Natalia. In Rarotonga, Sisters Eriteana, 10 and Natalia, 11 stand with the baton in the local lagoon. Cheeky grin. Kayraaua, 5 is thrilled to hold the baton as it travels around the island of Rarotonga during its visit to the Cook Islands.
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