>>> Queens Baton Relay 2006 >>> in the Cook Islands
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The Baton has been designed by a Melbourne based design compagny
Manhiki. The baton is welcomed to the Northern Island of Manhiki with a population of 280 people. Manhiki is world famous for producing black pearls, mainly for the Japanese market. Merio Ripata and the Manhiki’s people are happy to receive the baton. Vaianu and Papa Pia. Vaianu holds the Queen’s Baton while Papa Pia holds the stem of the coconut tree -known by locals as “the tree of life” because it provides shelter, food and decoration. Postcard from Aitutaki. On the third day of the baton's tour of the Cook Islands, the baton travels the Southern Island of Aitutaki.
all photos © prpix.com.au
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