As the Queen’s Baton arrives in the Cook Islands and travels around the capital, Rarotonga it is welcomed by the Queen's Representative, Sir Frederick Goodwin. Pa, known as "the son of Polynesia" and wearing the strand of Kopi (bulbs of the bird of paradise plant) around his neck, dances with joy as the baton arrives. Muri Lagoon. Tina Vogel carries the revolutionary Melbourne 2006 Queen's Baton across the Muri Lagoon during relay celebrations in the Cook Islands.
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The Baton has been designed by a Melbourne based design compagny
Rev. Tangi Metua and his wife Pati witness the start of the baton's journey around Rarotonga. Cook Islands enthusiasm. Using coconuts as part of their traditional dress, local girls dance while the community enjoys the spectacle of the Queen's Baton Relay. Rarotonga Moko. Dressed in traditional clothing and wearing red to signify the Takitumu district, Rarotonga Moko participates in local relay celebrations.
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