>>> Queens Baton Relay 2006 >>> in the Cook Islands
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The Baton has been designed by a Melbourne based design compagny
The Aitutaki mixed soccer team carries the Queen's Baton during a tour of the local islands. 'Momma' Josie Sadaraka, 90 stands with the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Queen's Baton outside her home on the Cook Islands. Dressed in traditional dress, Toa Isamaela, one of the 1800 people on the island to hold the baton, dances with glee. On one of Cook Islands' many sand bars, Eikura, 18, jumps for joy. Aitutaki. Eikura and Teau. On a sand bar, Eikura and Teau hold the baton surrounded by crystal blue water. On Tapuae Tai (One Foot Island) a popular location for many tourists to marry, friends Royale and Teau stand with the Queen's Baton under a traditional wedding arch.
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