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goats on a ranch close to Muri Hen with chicken - wonder where the rooster is ? grey heron fishing in the stream at Muri
There are many nice domestic animals on Rarotonga, our litte pet zoo ;-)

Roosters, hen´s and their chicks are running around on many premises doing their elegant dances and they all like to be fed by visitors too.

The goats are living with many other goats on a ranch close to our office
in Muri and we like to stop over every now and then to feed them.

As Rarotonga is basicly a big green mountain, we have a lot of streams coming down where for example the grey heron birds can fish for shrimps.

There are many beachdogs* here you can play with. Most of them take
a daily bath and they are used to accompaning tourists on beachwalks.

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>>> goats you can feed - we have a little goat ranch close to the office
>>> there is also many nice chicken familys living peacefully down here
>>> there is also grey heron birds fishing shrips and other from streams
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