>>> Photos from Rarotonga island >>>
(last updated 27th March 2006)
Yellow Tipani ;-)
Rarotonga is a very beautiful island that has so much to offer. We would love to
show more photos of Rarotonga and if anyone has some nice photos suitable for
publishing on cookislands.com. Please reduce your jpg pics to less than 80 KB.
Those who contribute photos are most welcome to write some text that descibes
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     - Photos & text by Grad. Eng. Volker
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     - Photos & text by Grad.
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Yellow Tipani ;-)
Yellow Tipani ;-)
As all photographers have their view, we show you a few photos provided by Archi.
He worked on Rarotonga for 12 months. Let´s see what kind of photos he has taken ...
>>> Swimmers during sunset at Kavera beach / Rarotonga © Archi
Yellow Tipani ;-)
>>> A late afternoon swim at Kavera beach / Rarotonga © Archi
Kia orana (means hello, may you live long) - may I be allowed to show you a few photos how
I see Rarotonga today ? The picture above is a bit typical, everyone on the island swims in
the lagoon and there is always a lot more palms then people in the photos. That´s how it is ;-)

Rarotonga is the most beautiful green rock I have ever seen and most of the people living on
this volcanic island have basically the same profession, which is called hospitality or tourism.
"Rarotonga, the island of love" is my very personal slogan to describe Raro in a nutshell.

As an author in webcommunication I am also engaged in tourism, but this time it is not about
showing an accommodation from its best sides. This time I would like to show you the photos
in between. Photos that describe typical everyday life, no logos, no brands, only Rarotonga.

"Tangaroa" for example (see photo underneath). He is someone you´ll meet everywhere. Not
only in the souvenir shops. As this phallic male god of the sea is an icon for all fishermen and
also the cultural idea of fertility, he is beloved by men (tane) and women (vaine) equally ;-)

>>> Tangaroa with shell © Archi >>> Beach, lagoone, sky © Archi
Yellow Tipani ;-)
>>> Tangaroa with shell © Archi >>> Beach, lagoon, sky © Archi
Beach, sand, water, lagoon, Pacific Ocean, clouds and sky - the typical view on Rarotonga.
On an island with only 32 km circumference, this amazing view will dominate all your days.
See how magic the colours melt into each other. Sandy brown, turquoise and all kinds of blue.
Any idea how many colours you can see on the beach during sunset ? I could not count them.
>>> Moon above Avarua city © Archi
Yellow Tipani ;-)
>>> Moon above Avarua city © Archi
Avarua city. The capital of the Cook Islands is a harbour city. There you´ll find National Police
High Court, Parliament, Te Atekura/legislation and most of the countrys administration offices.
But for sure you´ll also find shops, the market, cafe´s, telecom, bars and restaurants in town.
>>> The Rarotongan Resort during twilight © Susanne B.
Tiare Maori ;-)
>>> The Rarotongan Resort at twilight © Susanne B.
There is a few nice resorts on the island. Usually these comfortable luxury accommodations
include a restaurant and a bar. I like to go there for taking part in an island night that features
dancers, singing and drums. Or to take out a lady for dinner in a decent, tropical atmosphere.

I like the Rarotongan Resort for its sunset beach, the kids like it for the swimming pool. Their
island nights usually feature the well known ORAMA dance group, which performs in a very
sophisticated style. - The Rarotongan at Aroa beach is a perfect place to enjoy island-life.

>>> Rainbow, clouds, moon © Archi >>> Kura, local wildcat © Archi
Tiare Maori ;-)
>>> Rainbow, clouds, moon © Archi >>> Kura smiles © Archi
The skys on Rarotonga are amazing. Looking to the sea gives you a wide angle view and the
big cloud-ships are sailing above your head with no sound. As they get stopped from time to
time by the mountains, they have to lose weight and you´ll get a nice rainbow a day for free.
Tiare Maori ;-)
>>> The green mountains of Rarotonga seen from Matavera © Archi
>>> The green mountains of Rarotonga seen from Matavera © Archi
Rarotonga used to be one massive volcanic cone. An eruption and millions of years of erosion
shaped today´s very dramatic mountain landscape. The green mountains dominate the huge and uninhabited centre of Rarotonga. Down here there is only 2 sides, mountain side or beach side.
Tiare Maori ;-)
>>> View into Avarua high street onto BCI © Archi
Avarua high street comprises buildings and shops on one side and the ocean on the other.

On this two kilometre stretch you´ll find souvenir shops, cafés, travel agents, hairdressers, art galleries, the Visitor Centre a.k.a. tourist information, ANZ bank, Internet cafes, pearl shops, the big CITC Shopping Centre, Avis rent a car, National Police Headquarters (which is currently under construction), BCI bank, more cafés, the Foodland supermarket, Westpac bank, Island Craft, Dive Shop, an optometrist, Ice Cream Company, more souvenir shops, more travel agents, Western Union, Vonnias general store, Gold Mine Jewellery, Raviz Indian Restaurant, Budget Rentals main outlet, Jewellery shop, South Seas store, Furniture centre, Kenwall gallery, Hop Sings chinese restaurant, Bond liquor store, Souvenir shop, another liquor store, Island car and bike hire, Raromart warehouse, Raro Cars and Rentals, souvenirs, Garden Centre, Coco Bar, Snowbird Laundry, Tile shop, Raro Fried Chicken, Plumbing shop, CITC Building Centre, Pearls shop, Pacific Electronics, CITC Foodcentre, Bottle store, Turtles fashion shop, Electrical store. (last update 28th March 2006)

Tiare Maori ;-)
>>> Cloud ship © Archi >>> CICC church Matavera © Archi
Sunday is church day. - The Cook Islands are a Christian country by heart. There is many
churches on the island. Whatever your Christian denomination is, you´ll find your church here.
The photo above right shows the renovated Cook Islands Christian Church in Matavera Village.

Cook Islanders love to go to church and their singing is fantastic. Especially their hymns, where
the men seem to answer the women, are an amazing experience to listen to. Some churches
like the CICC Ngatangiia display song texts with a beamer and offer a bilingual Sunday service.

Some of the churches serve refreshments for visitors just after the main Sunday service.
With this, the churchgoing visitors are welcomed on Rarotonga by local Christians and learn
things like how the gospel (Christianity) arrived on Rarotonga in 1823 with Reverend Pittman.

Tiare Maori ;-)
>>> view from Garden centre towards Avatiu harbour © Archi
>>> view from Garden centre towards Avatiu harbour © Archi
Avatiu harbour is a trade and business harbour. This is the place where the big freight ships
from overseas are unloaded. Containers, cargo, cars and whatever has been purchased. For
sure there is also fishing boats, yachts and the navy vessel Te Kukupa based is this harbour.
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